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Paducah Economic Development

Board of Directors 2013-2014


The Paducah Economic Development Board of Directors governs the activities of the organization.  The Executive Committee includes the officers, Judge Executive of McCracken County, Mayor of the City of Paducah and two members of the Board.  Other members are either elected or serve by virtue of position.  Elected members may serve two consecutive three-year terms and come from diverse business backgrounds.  Members serving by virtue of position include the Judge Executive and Deputy Judge Executive of McCracken County, Mayor and City Manager of the City of Paducah, plant manager at USEC, and representatives from the healthcare community, utilities, higher education, Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce, Paducah-McCracken Industrial Development Authority.

 Ken Hunt

Ken Hunt

Board Chairman   2013-2015


  • Ken Hunt, Chairman, A&K Construction
  • Tony Reck, Immediate Past Chair, Paducah and Louisville Railway
  • Stan Eckenberg, Chairman-Elect, CSI
  • Keith Dickens, Treasurer, Petter Business Systems
  • David Denton, Secretary/Legal Counsel, Denton & Keuler Law Firm
  • Scott Darnell, President/CEO, Paducah Economic Development
  • Judge Van Newberry, McCracken County
  • Mayor Gayle Kaler, City of Paducah
  • Rex Smith, Jim Smith Contracting
  • Keith Riley, Peel & Holland
  • Sandra Wilson, Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Bruce Brockenborough, Hannan Supply
  • Eric Chapman, Four Rivers Coal Terminal, LLC
  • David Clark, Paducah Power
  • Steve Grinnell, Lourdes
  • Deborah Edmonds, Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Doug Harnice, McCracken County
  • Mardie Herndon, Paducah Bank
  • Kyle Henderson, West KY Building Trades
  • Jeff Holland, Holland Stivers & Assoc.
  • Bob Johnston, Paducah McCracken Industrial Development Authority
  • Kelly Nuckols, Jackson Purchase Energy
  • Jeff Pederson, City of Paducah
  • Steve Penrod, USEC
  • Jason Siener, Beltline Electric
  • John Truitt, Kalleo Technologies
  • Dr. Barbara Veazey, West Kentucky Community and Technical College
  • Dr. Brian Van Horn, Murray State University
  • Bill Brown/Michelle Hayden, Baptist Health Paducah
  • Sandra Wilson, Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce